Challenger’s Chance

By Michael LeCompte

Sports fiction, chronicling the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, and the love of the game is perhaps as old as sport itself.

Introducing Challenger’s Chance, a new children’s sports fiction novel by Michael LeCompte in the proud sporting tradition of the likes of Matt Christopher and Mike Lupica.

For twelve year old Bobby James basketball is life. He dreams of starting at point guard for the Winthrop Academy Bulldogs, just like his father did. Bobby is the shortest player on his team, though, and the harder he works to make the starting five the worse things seem to get, at home and for the team.

A new coach and the trials and triumphs of sixth grade life challenge Bobby’s determination to get on the court and make the All-City Playoffs.

Can Bobby get in the game before it’s too late? Can his team come together and defeat their archrival?

Find out in Challenger’s Chance, a story of life, family, and basketball available now as an amazon ebook for $0.99

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