Bo Knows RG3

By Michael LeCompte

Last week the Washington Redskins announced that Kirk Cousins would be the quarterback for the 2015 season rather than Robert Griffin III. RG3’s first three years in the NFL have been marred by injuries and the latest setback-a pre-season concussion, followed by his demotion to backup-could signal the end of his time in Washington.

Perhaps RG3 can hang on with the Redskins or maybe he resurrects his once-promising career elsewhere, either way, though, his career (thus far) bears a remarkably tragic resemblance to another former superstar.

Before Michael Jordan began annually winning Championships in the early ’90’s in Chicago, becoming the ultimate pitchman along the way, one Bo Jackson was the most marketable athlete around. The “Bo Knows” advertising campaign was brilliant and as a running back for the Raiders he briefly dominated the league from 1987-1990, before injuries cut his career short.

Like RG3, Bo (real name Vincent) had the nickname and personality that led to many endorsement deals. Both men were explosive playmakers on the football field. Bo could run through guys, while RG3 can run around and past defenders.

Unfortunately, though, neither Bo nor RG3 could stay healthy. A degenerative hip injury ended Bo’s NFL career after only four seasons and now RG3’s career has been de-railed after three seasons.

Even the physique’s of Bo and RG3 are similar. Bo stood 6-1 and weighed 227 pounds, while RG3 stands 6-2 and 220 pounds.

The career statistics for these two game-changing players are also hauntingly similar.

Bo Jackson’s NFL career consisted of 38 games (so far RG3 has played 37)
Bo carried 515 times for 2,782 yards and 16 TD’s. (so far RG3 has completed 679 passes for 40 TD’s and 23 INT’s)

RG3’s career may not be over just yet, but because of the unrealized potential, the opportunities lost to injury, it has taken on a tragic trajectory, one that we’ve all seen before, and unfortunately it’s one that “Bo Knows” all too well.

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